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About us

PRETENDER is a new company for the production of piece sports uniforms and exclusive clothing!

Our motto is DARE TO WIN or CHALLENGE!
In sports and in life, it is very important to be able to step out of your comfort zone in order to get better or more. You will never become a Champion if you do not challenge those who are already at the top of the podium. Great things begin with this elementary psychological attitude. And the rest is up to you!

Our principle is ALL BY YOURSELF!

In order not to depend on contractors, not to miss deadlines and not to blush in front of the client, we decided to invest in the entire production cycle. We control and do all aspects from design to layout, from finding materials to developing patterns, from printing to manufacturing!
Our specialization
Our specialization is alternative sports at the amateur and professional levels, where there are no big global brands and well-established laws. We ourselves have left this niche and we want our friends to be able to count on the best style and quality in Russia!
Our approach is ADEQUATE!
We do everything as we would like to be acted in relation to us. This is not even the notorious customer focus! This is simple decency and the principle of good neighborliness that we strive to broadcast.
Our driver is CREATIVITY!
Any project for us is not just money. This is a separate piece of art that we approach with all our inspiration and talent!
In the era of the mass market and large brands, when you can only make a choice, but you cannot create anything, we give you this opportunity - to look and be unique!

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